Global Leader in Optimized Resource Management

Our purpose is ecological transformation

Veolia has become the benchmark company in ecological transformation. Thanks to our international experience and deep local knowledge, at Veolia we design and implement useful and concrete solutions for water, waste and energy management that help radically change the landscape. With our three complementary activities, at Veolia we contribute to the development of access to resources, as well as to the preservation and renewal of available resources.

Comprehensive management of the global water cycle, from the production and distribution of drinking water to the collection, treatment and recycling of wastewater. Get to know our key data in Spain:

30,37 million

m3 of drinking water produced in 2020

57,41 million

m3 of urban wastewater treated in 2020.

27,34 million

m3 of industrial wastewater treated in 2020.

Management of non-hazardous and hazardous liquid and solid waste. Our experience covers the entire life cycle of waste from collection, recycling and final recovery of waste. Get to know our key data in Spain: 307.004 tons of waste treated in 2020. 247.383 tons of waste valued in matter or energy in 2020. 40.683 tons of recycled plastic bottles in 2020.

Energy efficiency, efficient management of heating and cooling networks, production of green energy until the final recovery of waste as materials or energy. Get to know our key data in Spain: 10.229  facilities managed in 2020 1.415.119  MWh produced (electrical and thermal) in 2020 105.400 tons of CO2 reduced per year thanks to energy activity